Fully Automatic Equipment

Hand Roasted In Waterford


Coffee Prime

the first choice for connoisseurs & accountants

  • Gourmet beverages at the press of a button
  • Perfect for self-service
  • Cost saving and environmentally friendly to operate
  • Minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • Successively expandable
  • More power with the Powerpack

Ideal for offices, cafés, universities, hospitals, sports centres, cultural events, workshops, filling stations, car dealerships.

coffee club

Your introduction to the premium coffee world

  • Recommended daily output: up to 80 beverages per day
  • Slim build
  • Large beverage variety
  • Fresh milk or milk powder also possible combined
  • Easy to operate and clean

Ideal for the usage in restaurants, hotels, cafés, convenience stores, catering businesses and offices.



  • The design gives the Schaerer Barista the feel of a classic portafilter machine
  • Italian flair: it hisses and knocks like with a barista
  • Consistent espresso quality thanks to automated processes (coffee quantity, grinding, tamping)
  • Integrated grinders grind the coffee directly into the portafilter
  • Fully automatic or manual milk frothing
  • Quick and easy preparation, even by untrained personnel
  • Easy automatic cleaning

Coffee Art +

top performance in all variations

  • Numerous options and configurations
  • Milk Universe
  • Up to 350 beverages per hour
  • Extensive beverage variety
  • Easy to operate and clean

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, chain stores, quick service restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, takeaways.


The Schaerer Coffee Soul

  • Cup quantity of up to 250 a day – perfect for mid-sized restaurants, bars, offices and vending areas.
  • Gastronomical look – attractive, high-quality design highlights the value of the coffee machine. At 33 centimetres, it is particularly slim.
  • New variable user interface – 8’’ touch display with large writing and icons.
  • Can be set perfectly for operation by staff or for self-service.
  • Patent-pending, innovative Uptime! descaling system prevents scale-related malfunctions.
  • M2M Coffee Link – telemetry solution for data evaluation in real-time and for location-independent remote access.

The Schaerer Coffee Soul unites an athletic yet elegant design with a number of refined technical features. It stands out with its pronounced gastronomical look and fits easily into any counter concept with its slim 33 centimetres.

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