ESPRO Calibrated Coffee Tamper 58mm

Hand Roasted In Waterford


Specialty coffee’s leading convex tamper delivers a subtle click that you feel at 30 lbs of force, so you know when you have the perfect force for every tamp. This ensures a flat, consistent coffee bed for the perfect shot of espresso. The gentle click never disrupts the grinds and the compact design is identically sized to a conventional tamper.



The ESPRO Tamper is calibrated to 30 pounds, helping you achieve the perfect force every time; Taste the difference in each sip. A gentle click that you feel rather than hear alerts you when you’ve reached the perfect force without disturbing your espresso grounds; Feel the tamp, be the tamp. Carefully calibrated in-factory for reliable performance; Focus on enjoying the espresso experience. Designed to be the same size and shape as traditional tamps, with a precisely balanced base for even tamping; Feels just right in your hand. The stainless steel base and anodized aluminium handle are sturdy and reliable long-term; Minimally designed to never go out of style.  58 mm convex base.

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